Antony Squizzato


Antony Squizzato lives and works in the Auvergne region of France.

In 2014 with 15 years in digital advertising under his belt, he decided he’d reached what he considered to be his limits as a creative manager. Feeling the need to break away from this field, he became a full-time painter and freelance art director, and has since been focusing his efforts on the evolution of his self-titled style, simply called ‘Pop Constructivism’.

From 1999 to 2014, he worked as associate creative director at Periscope, for a wide range of international brands including automotive, entertainment, industry, NGO’s as well as luxury & fashion brands. During the golden years of early digital design, he was involved in many creative fields including motion, illustration, art direction, font design, 3D and gaming.

Today, he divides his time between his studio creation, his art centre, art revue ‘Le Trampoline‘, as well as producing visuals for a wide range of renowned international agencies. He works in a balanced ecosystem between personal production, and commissioned art direction for smart people in search of fresh input. He uses abstraction and minimalism to advance ideas with universal meaning, bringing together traditional methods of painting with digital and new media techniques to create something both classical and contemporary.

Antony’s work has been awarded and published worldwide : IdN, Vogue, Pictoplasma, 3X3 Mag, Jazz Magazine, Freshpaint Mag.


Other projects & networks


Main painting site. Pop-constructivism, pop-surrealism.


Art revue & art center in Vic Le Comte.  My fulltime artist residency.


A digital to analog landscape trip, using satellite views and oil paints.


Collaborative project : wood characters designed by Antony Squizzato and handcrafted by Lionel Truntzer.


Character design project featuring 50+ monsters. Your twin monster may be there


Workshop daily, work in progress, exhibitions live, you’ll like this one.

Daily feed, latest news.

Collection of major influences. Expect boards like new contemporary and modern art , abstract, lowbrow, retrofuturism, streetart, indie gaming graphics, doodles, lowpoly.

Just because I like birds.


Antony’s work has been published or awarded in publications or events like Pictoplasma, Computer arts, TiDCA, 3X3 profesionnal show .

You can also find online interview :  IdN v18n5: Logographic Issue , Paperdarts Vol.4, Les Petites Ficelles (french), Redbubble (french).

Antony is often collaborating with music labels – mostly jazz, electronica, and post-rock – like Mystery CirclesStrandflat, Kahvi, MosaikMoonove, Videogame Orchestra.

Also feel free to purchase ” Squizzato – L’√©mergence du Pop-constructivisme ” book .