Le Trampoline art center

Art direction, identity, keys visuals for Le Trampoline   


Art direction, illustration, UI design, print, motion & digital for Kuzzle.io  

Arc Rae

Design & graphic direction for Arc Rae / Sacred Ground album


Poster design & logo design for Acacia flower shop

404 festival

Poster design for XIV festival of Art & Technology

Nulla Dies Sine Musica

Illustration & art direction for classical music ensemble Nulla Dies Sine Musica

Albertville Jazz 2017

Illustrations for 2017 edition of Albertville Jazz

Ferté Jazz Festival 2017

Illustrations for 2017 edition of Ferté Jazz 

Planète Bébé

Illustration and art direction – Planète Bébé ( Caf15 )

Bogus – Dream Figures

Cover art – Bogus EP 

Kahvi – Fields

Cover artwork – Kahvi Fields


Personal illustration – Tshirt design

Redbubble Birds Party

Stickers design for Redbubble Collect’em All 

Little Big Make

Coloring bookmarks for LittleBigMake 

Faex Optim – Start With the River

Music album cover for Faex Optim EP

So rebel

Art direction & artwork for Sorebel art fanzine / released in Avril 2016 with risograph


From my popconstructivist postcards series – 2016

Quiet sea

Popconstructivist postcards serie – 2016


Popconstructivist postcards serie – 2016

Albertville Jazz 2016

Artwork for 2016 edition

Saveurs Jazz 2016

Artwork for 2016 edition

Ferté Jazz

Artwork for 2016 edition

Kite master

Buy prints from my shop


Cover artwork for Waves Album by Kahvi – Listen here

Bubble Dream

Personal artwork – available from my shops 

Eclat 2015

Artwork for Eclat festival 2015 project call – not selected –

Rainbow Swinger

Personal artwork -available from my shops


Cover art for Mercury album by Faex Optim (Kahvi)

Albertville Jazz Festival

Poster design and identity for Albertville Jazz Festival 2015

Black boys on moped

Cover art for Black Boys on Moped (Strandflat)

Waiting for tomorrow


Illustration – available on dibond prints

Canopy Bird

Illustration – available on dibond prints

Bomberman remixed

Print #childhoodremixed series – Available on my shop

VGO Mario medley

Cover art – Super Mario RPG Medley (VGO)


Cover art – Threads (Kahvi)

Saveurs Jazz Festival

Poster design – Saveurs Jazz festival 2015

We Are Van Peebles

Music, Strandlat, single, Math-punk

Seilman Bellinsky

Music, Strandlat, double LP, cover

The Expanse

Music, netlabel, electronica, cover


Music, synth-pop, poster, cover-art


Music, electronica, cover

Have The Moskovik

Music, post-rock, LP, photo, character design


Logo, poster, music, label

Haier bacteria

Advertising, art direction, vectors

Tree hug

Personal, print, tshirt

My neighbor is a monster

Character design, tshirt

Wrong Ball


Love at First Sight


Voyager – Another Wonder

Music, electronic, cover

Lo Bal de la Caneta 2013

Music, poster

Mister Electric Demon

Music, electrochip, poster


Logo, poster, music, ambient

Dino Piranha

Poster, videogame, remix

Edge of the World Wanderer

Personal, poster


Character design


Music, electronic, cover

Tiny Robots

Music, electronic, cover

Bubble King

Personal, poster

Lo Bal de la Caneta 2012

Music, poster

Picco logo

Logo, character design, gaming

Pepetz logo & character

Logo, character design

Zzup! logo

Logo for an indie gaming project

RGB or nothing

Character design for prints – 2013

Autumn animals

Character design, print, tshirt

Summer animals

I love animals summer collection – Design for t-shirt and prints

Lick me up

Character design, tshirt

Fit & Fat

Lazy Sunday Video

Music, electronic, cover

Twitter Overload

Character design, tshirt